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#EgyptDay participants have secured over 100 meetings with their Senators, Representatives, and @StateDept!

Checkout @POMED fact sheet on presidential candidates "dropping like flies" #EgyptDay

#WeNeedToTalk about the 60K political prisoners in inhumane prisons in #Egypt. #EgyptDay

In #Egypts prisons, at least 118 deaths, 347 cases of torture, 212 cases of collective maltreatment. Checkout @hrw for a report on Sisi's #Egypt

“Egypt detains four people per day to wipe out dissent” -@amnesty #FreedomFirst

2016 in Egypt prisons: 123 deaths, 535 cases of indiv torture, 472 cases of med negligence -@elnadeem #EgyptDay

2016 in Egypt: 980 cases of forced disappearances, 1384 cases of extrajudicial killings. -@elnadeem #EgyptDay

1,181 students detained, 21 killed, 65 referred to military trials between 2013 and 2016. -@afteegypt #EgyptDay

+1,464 people held in pretrial detention for longer than 2 yr legal maximum in Egypt as of May'16 #EgyptDay

#WeNeedToTalk about the 85 people arrested as apart of the crackdown against #LGBTQ+ community after the flag was raised in a concert in 2017. #EgyptDay

On an Egyptian prison: “It was designed so that those who go in don’t come out again unless dead.” #EgyptDay

At least 25 journalists in jail in Egypt, making it the third worst jailer of journalists in the world #EgyptDay

Remember Giulio Regeni? An Italian PhD student found tortured on the side of the road with impunity. #EgyptDay

Interrogation sessions lasting up to 7 some cases, those tortured were children - @amnesty #EgyptDay

A crackdown by the Egyptian authorities is “crushing an entire generation” of young activists -Amnesty #EgyptDay

Egypt Protest Law enables authorities to arrest & prosecute peaceful demonstrators on a whim -@Amnesty #EgyptDay

Sisi has provided near total impunity for security force abuses...and severely curtailed civil and political rights” - @HRW #EgyptDay

Egypt rights NGO & torture rehabilitation center @elnadeem was raided by security & shut in Feb 2017 #EgyptDay

NGO workers & human rights defenders slammed w/ travel bans, asset freezes & organization closures. #EgyptDay